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August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

For some reason, about an hour ago, all the lights went out in the Library (as far as I could see, anyways).

I didn’t think we could experience such inane problems. Did Harriet remember to allocate for electricity in this month’s budget?

Anyhow, Charis has set up candles in her workshop downstairs. I’ve just found some old boardgames that I packed in my luggage prior to joining the Society. If anyone wants to join us for the time-honoured tradition of playing games by candlelight until the proper lights are restored – you’re welcome.

The battery on Charis’s laptop is just about to run out, so I suppose I’d better publish this post.

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October 19, 2010 1 comment

Halloween’s coming up again 🙂

Pumpkins are scarce in my hometown but I figure that won’t be a problem in the Library. This weekend I’m going to carve my jack-o-lantern. Next week I can’t wait to dress up, party, and sample Rhia’s holiday food…but wait, all that didn’t turn out so well last year, did it? Nonetheless things were exciting! I still can’t wait!

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September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Our Author has been writing! Or at least, I think she has been writing. I’ve been feeling nothing but lethargic for the last couple of weeks and then -wham- I got a sudden energy burst today that usually only results from her plotting something or the other regarding Charis and me. I have to say I’m teetotal about this revelation. I’d be glad to have a purpose in life again sometime soon; however, I have a nagging feeling that she’s pushing something else aside to spare time for writing. This is September. She should have homework from university. Lots of it.

As long as I have the vim to move my limbs today I’m going to try and find Lily. Ben has been neglecting her something awful, and me and Charis aren’t always available for her either. I’m glad she’s made another friend in Avak and, heck, it wouldn’t hurt for me to get to know the guy too. Lily’s been trying to get Avak accustomed to being further from Val and the infirmary every day…so I think I’ll start my search three rooms away.

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August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I haven’t been on the computer very often, lately, have I? Sorry, completely my fault!

But to be more precise, I haven’t been on this blog as much, that’s all. I have been using the internet an awful lot to watch anime – I finished the Special A series last week and now I’ve been recommended to start Code Geass. It’s so engrossing! According to my previous records I should be able to finish the 20-something episode season by the end of the week (meaning Sunday). I was on a roll today – I watched 5 episodes back-to-back as soon as I rolled out of bed – but some weird power surge fried my computer in the afternoon. It has still not been fixed; I only count myself lucky I wasn’t borrowing Charis’ laptop! [edit: Damn right! – Charis]

The funny thing was…my computer was plugged into a surge protector. I wouldn’t have thought that ordinary electrical disturbances could affect a Library-owned computer that Phoenixia personally reinforced. Oh well. Odder things have happened. Everybody else seems to be drifting to the heart of the Library about now [edit: -.- Is “everybody” defined as three or four people now? – Charis] so I’ll take a look at whatever’s of interest there, as well. It will take another 12 hours for a new computer to arrive for me from the Real World, anyhow.

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Joining In

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Four posts on a blog in one day might be a little unusual, but what the heck. Charis and I have nothing better to do anyways, so we’ll just continue with this brief entry and see where it goes.

Today…I can’t remember what I did today. [edit: we wished Ben Happy Birthday, for one thing. – Charis] It seems that the past few months have flown by without my notice. I’ve rarely ventured out of the Library at all lately, but I haven’t been doing anything in particular either. Simply hanging out with the Society members has been my favourite past-time recently. I keep nagging Michael about getting me another mission, but I have the feeling that my Author has intervened with him on that regard. She must have something planned but it’s taking an awful long time.

I don’t mind.

I’ve been on great terms with Ben and Lily, Jared and Chloe; and I was so relieved when Rhia came back to us safely. The newer members – Tom for one, I suppose – provide some new entertainment about the Library daily and – if I’m not allowed out yet – at least there’s always someone else’s mission that I can look in on. Rhia and Christoph went on a D-A-T-E the other day!!! Tash kicked us all out of the monitor room before anything too interesting could be shown – there was kissing though! – but the two of them looked pretty content when I sneaked a peek at them re-entering the Library through a Plothole. Rhia’s been in a good mood. She’s been taking requests from all corners in regards to what food should be cooked at the meals – and at snack times – so I’m planning to ask her for shrimp ceviche tomorrow. [edit: but I know how to make that too! don’t you like mine? – Charis]

I guess that’s all from me for this day. [edit: goodnight everyone! – Charis]

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