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April 2, 2011 Leave a comment

‘Tis, the illustruous Librarian leaving a post on this blog. Why?

Because my girlfriend told me if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get sex or ear rubs for a week and somehow she convinced Phoenixia to promise the same. I don’t know what she promised Phoenixia, but it was enough to get her to dress decently around me. (RE: A bussiness suit and skirt.)

Maybe I should get back at Tashy by suggesting that when she’s not with me and also out of sight, she and Phoenixia are trading sex tips…enthusiastically….

Bah. I’m sure I’ll figure out what she promised eventaully. Tashy can’t resist the ears and kitteh eyes….

And yes, Emily, you may complain about me, but people tend to forget that I run the Library Arcanium, not a hotel. Also, Phoenixia has been looking into getting a new pet and several of them have proven…ahh….eccentric. (Still cleaning char burns from the dragon and I don’t know where she got that giant labrador…)

Hmm…anything else I should mention….can’t think of anything really important.

Oh yes. Anyone who wishes to earn Phoenixia’s favor and possibly somethings more so, should report to her garden. Apparently, some of the plants have gotten out of hand…

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