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In The Hospital Ward. AGAIN.

Damn it. I’m even in the same bed. I swear I’m recognizing some of the dots on the ceiling. So that makes 400 dots I’m actually sure of. Still recounting the others…

This is going to take me a little while to type out. Passion hit me with a bolt of lightning in the arena and I’m still trying to recover some of my minor motor skills. Val says typing will be good practice. I guess it is. When I can control the random shaking my hands go through. Gah…I better not go anywhere near my knives or I’ll cut off all my fingers by accident. Some of those things can go through bone like melted butter.

Speaking of knives and cutting…I’m sure everyone remembers Roxelana. Well, not to be disrepectful to the dead, but…

‘Ding, dong, the bitch is dead!’

It might sound somewhat bloodthirsty to gloat about it, but there are some people where it’s understandable. There was a law in Texas back in the late 1800’s where, if a man was killed, and a good amount of the population thought the man needed to be dead, the killer got off without a trial. The general thought was “He needed killin’.” Roxelana needed killin’.

I just wish I hadn’t had to slit her throat to do it. There’s something about feeling life slip out of a warm body that…Guh. It’s wrong. It feels horrible. Even with Roxelana…I don’t want to kill again. And never like that if I can get away with it. I’ll stick with my frying pan and my guns.

Wait….speaking of my frying pan, did anyone see what happened to it? Or do I have to get a new one?

Awwww, man…Cristoph says my frying pan was still in the Hunger Games arena when we left. I have to get a new one. Damn.

Passion was one hell of a fighter. And a gamer. Are they so different in the end?

I almost kinda wish we hadn’t had to kill Passion. I almost liked the guy, for a Stu. Back when we first met him, he was fun. He’d log in to whatever game was being played and join us in multiplayer. For or against. The guy had no problems teaming up with us in Halo or TF2. He was just another gamer.

I think I’ll miss him.

I wish he hadn’t died thinking what he was about us. I’m sorry he died in a righteous fury. I’d be angry like that too. Have been. I wish I could’ve…GODDAMMIT. I can’t even say it here. Sometimes, @, I really hate you.

Goodbye, Passion. Requiescat in pace.

Umm…Cristoph’s asking me to type something. He says, “Emily, I wish to speak with you on your spying skills, ninja to ninja.” I think he’s impressed that you got that naughty sketch of us, hun, but annoyed that you got it and he didn’t notice. Speaking of which…you’re not getting it back.

Huh. Cristoph says he’s got a special gift for my 21st birthday and that if I want it I should get off now. He’s, uh….Oh YES thank you God.

Talk later!!!!!

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Defying Gravity

Where to begin? For the most part, I’m okay after my death-defying stunt in Venice in Assassin’s Creed 2. But bruised bones don’t heal overnight and I’m still really rather sore.

I’m glad I survived. Falling without the ability to fly is not fun. At all. I don’t know how sky divers do it. Some sort of quirk in the brain that lets them turn off the gibbering fear of “OH HOLY SHIT I’m gonna die I’mgonnadieI’mgonnadie!!”? Not all that sure on how it works.

And I’m a little frustrated at Passion. I wanted to take a Leap of Faith! No fair. So wanted to.

….Then again, what I did was kinda a leap of faith. Fall off high point in city and survive. But it wasn’t elegant at all! I mean really, by the time I was done there was a HUGE hole in the ground from where I was aiming with Incandescent Silverreign. And the rest of poor Venice. Between the two of us, Passion and I had destroyed a good half of the place. It’s a good thing everything fixed itself when we all left.

And the other thing I need to mention. I’m Incandescent Silverreign’s new user. I hope Phoenixia, wherever she is, is okay with me using her gun.

We all miss you Phoenixia. Come back to us, if you can. We love you and want you back.


I went into this intending to write a happy entry. Now, after thinking about Nixie, I can’t anymore. Maybe I will again later.

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Here I am, trying for a stream-of-consciousness blog post. See where it leads me, since the blog has been pretty quiet lately.

First off, welcome to using the blog, Adrian. About time you posted something. I was wondering if this was going to turn into a place where we would all gossip about you. Heh. We STILL gossip about you. And pretty much everything else that happens…..

Okay, okay, gigglefit over.

And hopefully all the bleedin’ pranks that popped up for April Fool’s are as well. When I find the spoo-for-brains baka that booby trapped my kitchen cabinets, I will have you scrubbing pots and pans for a month! With a toothbrush! And no climbing gear! Do you hear me?

Now that the threat/promise has been delievered….I’ve decided that I need to step up my game. As much as a frying pan does wonders on many, many people…it’s not enough. I’m not fast enough, or strong enough, nor do I have any magic. (Though I have poked at some potion/alchemy books. They’ve interesting theories…) I am dead weight on the battle field. This most recent mission has shown me that. Passion was beyond anything I’ve seen, and that was including Death, who nearly obliterated us all. Dead weight on the battlefield can quickly mean truly dead. Either my death or someone else’s. Or both. I will not be The Load. I refuse.
I’ve taken to running basic Parkour in the Training rooms to bolster my speed, endurance and strength. It’s better than simply running laps. But that’s only the beginning. I’m gonna ask you to your face, but it’ll be easier if I do it here, first. Adrian…I need help. I need training. I know you’re busy, but…who else do I turn to? Cristoph is still learning new things about his abilities, Kyle’s talents are completely out of my league, and Michael and Tash are nearly as busy as you are. Phoenixia might be able to help, but she’s also got a huge load on her plate. I….I really don’t know where to turn.

So, yeah. I’m gonna post this and then go find you and ask you in person.

I will not be The Load anymore.

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Ketchup and Catch-Up

Yeah, this title is a little odd. But at least it’s got alliteration!

I blame it all on my clutzyness. I mean, why else would I spill a container of ketchup on Adrian’s head? All a complete accident. I swear I didn’t mean too!! The public kitchen has a bigger store of ketchup, so I went there to grab it. I needed it as an ingredient for a salad dressing. Yes, you can make salad dressing out of ketchup. AND you can make a BBQ sauce out of it too. Both taste good.

Anyway, I was on my way from Kitchen 1 with a container of ketchup to Kitchen 2, and Adrian was coming up the other way. We nodded to each other and kept going but my feet went and got in my way and I went sprawling, the bowl of ketchup landing upside down on Adrian’s head. After a moment of “Oh, jeeze, that just happened,” It was a rush to get Adrian’s head under a sink to get all the ketchup out of his hair….Or it would threaten to stain his hair pink for a while. While this would be much amusing and great for blackmail, the poor guy’s dignity has already been beaten on enough.

So it was a rush to my kitchen to stick his head under a sink.

After saving his hair, it was a rush to save his trenchcoat. Ketchup, unfortunately, stains horribly. So while I scrubbed at it, he sat down to wait for it to be done. The following is the conversation that took place.

Me: Crap, Adrian, I’m sorry about this!! *gets trenchcoat under water and starts scrubbing at*

Adrian: It’s all right. It’s just ketchup. *shrugs*

Me: Still. Nyeeehh….*trails off and goes back to scrubbing*

Adrian:*makes a sound like he tried to start a sentence but fails* (My back is to him for most of this conversation, so I don’t see his face.) I haven’t been able to catch up with you since I got back….I mean, I’ve been getting bits and pieces from most people but you’ve been silent, pretty much. Want to say anything?

Me: Not really. You’ve probably gotten the whole story from others.

Adrian: You sure? I’m sure there’s something that’s happened that you want me to know about.

Me: Well, Phoenixia got a body, but I know you know that already. (I know I made a snickering noise at this)

Adrian: *makes a strangled spluttering noise* Yeah, I know that one. Anything else?

Me:  Uhm…Cristoph took me on a date. I guess you could say we’re dating. Rather hard to tell, since we’re both awkward at this…

Adrian: *easy enough to hear the smile in his words* Congrats, Rhia. I heard a little bit about that. And as much as I’ve tried I haven’t been able to corner Cristoph about it….I heard that Tash took his cowl?

Me: Yeap! Hid it in the one place he wouldn’t go for it, either! Down her shirt! *I full out laughed at this, and so did Adrian*

Adrian: Yeah, that sounds like Tash. Anything else?

Me: *long pause*

Adrian: Rhia?

Me: *voice drops in volume* I remodeled my kitchen. You notice?

Adrian: Yeah, I did. Any particular reason why?

Me: *even longer pause, I stop scrubbing*

Adrian: Rhia? *I heard his chair scrape against the floor, at this point he stood up*

Me: *I spin around, draw a throwing knife from my sleeve and throw it at a target across the kitchen. At this point I can see Adrian’s face and he’s surprised. I couldn’t do that before he died.* Yeah, I learned how to throw knives, I’ve gotten a lot more paranoid and there are nights I can’t sleep with the lights off because some dumb Sue got it into her head to kidnap me! And she made it look like I’d been murdered in my own kitchen! I’m sure you’ve read the mission report to the Kick-Ass fandom. I remodeled because I couldn’t get the bloodstains out of the kitchen floor. And the stove was completely warped from Willie’s Hellfire. So, yeah, kitchen remodel.

Adrian: I’m sorry.

Me: Don’t be. Just make sure Roxelana never gets out of the Basement. Ever. *I threw another knife at the target across the room. It hit bullseye with a solid thunk*

*pause from both of us*

Me: Oh, your trenchcoat is done. It’s wet, but nothing that time and a little air can’t fix.

Adrian: Thanks. Are you going to be ok?

Me: Yeah. I think so.

After this, things trailed off into niceities and Adrian eventually left. He’s catching up, ever so slowly. Now he just needs to meet the new members and he’ll be up to speed. I pity his ribs for when he meets Alice…

Roxelana’s staying in the basement if I have to stick her to a wall with superglue. And that’s that.


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Kitty Invasion End and the Waiting….

Yeah, I finally took all of my cats home. Many thanks to those who kept an eye on the various cats until I could take them home. I owe you guys a meal of your choice.

And Adrian? I want to go out  for that manicure sometime within the next two weeks or you know what gets shown to Phoenixia and then she gets to spread it around. Tash has her own demands to you….which I think she’s already expressed.

And as for the waiting…something’s coming. Again. It isn’t going to be easy as we think it is…Adrian might be back, but the threat’s gotten worse…Something’s coming. I don’t know what it is but it’s big and it’s coming and I’m surprised no one else can feel it. Take your kicks while you can, folks, because we’re in the eye of the storm, and the storm walls are closing in…

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Back in Black!!!

Or something to that extent. I’m so hyper I can barely sit here and type.

So. The good news. ADRIAN IS ALIVE!!! Forget back, he’s ALIVE!!!! He’s back too, and walking around like he almost never left, but methinks the ‘alive’ part of this deal is more important. Whatever Power that Be made it so Adrian could come back to us, we (The Society) owe you one. Big time.

Here’s how it happened. You know that wave of something I felt in my last post?? I tried looking for it, and got nowhere. Then Aster comes flying in like someone gave that girl an expresso and then a Monster energy drink, and topped it all off with Tash’s British chocolate. Seriously, I have never seen that fae move so fast in the air or turn such tight corners without crashing. So, anyways, Aster is firmly declaring Adrian is back, even though we all know he’s dead and normally the dead don’t come back. (Nevermind that I can site multiple fandoms where this law gets snapped.) There were a couple other people already following Aster, mainly Jess, Kyle, Tyler, and Karissa. We, sadly, were humoring Aster, nothing she would’ve showed us would’ve been bad, maybe a bit sad, but nothing too nasty. She never accepted the fact that Adrian was dead. So we follow her for quite a ways and get deeper and deeper into the Library. And then Aster speeds up even more–after you would think she couldn’t go any faster– towards Michael and Kuroneko and Val and Tash and Adrian and—–

HOLY F$%&** ADRIAN!!!!

Both sides stopped in their tracks…and then someone said “oh, shit.” It might’ve been Adrian, I don’t quiiiite remember, because then we just all started running at him at once, and subsequently Tash because she was latched onto him and then there was lots and lots of running and glomping and I think we fell over because I have a few new unexplained bruises…….Soooo after that and everyone untangled themselves from each other and just kinda looked at Adrian not quite believing he was back.

“It’s not another Death, is it?” I think this was Tyler. And he promptly got Gibbs smacked for it.

After this little moment of revelation happened, I don’t know what the other agents did, but I ran full pelt back into the Library, a silly grin on my face towards Cristoph’s room. I have no idea how I tripped over my feet, did a somersault into his room and landed on my bum with my legs spread out in front of me, still with that grin on my face. I must of looked like I was on something.

“Adrian’s back!!”


“He’s back he’s back he’s BACK!!!”

And then kinda half scrambled half dashed outta that room into the hall, knocking on doors yelling that Adrian was back. Between me, Aster, and Phoenixia once she found out, the whole Society knew within 15 minutes.

I think Adrian got glomped again a grand total of 5 times. I pity his ribs.

After that Tash and Adrian sequestered themselves into her room for some “Alone time.” They’re still in there. Could be for a couple days. Would not be surprised. I’ll just sit here and whistle innocently…, wait….there’s a Cristoph I could go hug and cuddle with. ‘Scuse me!!!
P.S. Adrian, when you read this, yes Cristoph and I have gotten together…you’ve missed a lot and the mission reports won’t fill you in on all of it. There will be lots of nights spent talking, I can feel it. Right, gotta break out the snack food….

Now, to go hug a Cristoph…..


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Life is Spicy

Today’s a lazy day. When you’re just wanting to curl up on a couch with comfort food and stare at a TV screen for hours. My comfort food happens to be either a lot of pasta, (Done in the microwave–I know, blasphemy–it’s faster that way) or chips, salsa, and milk. I went for the chips and salsa. And ran out of salsa. Now, this was my homemade salsa, which, while having the consistency of a fruit smoothie, (this is adhering to the idea that salsa is a SAUCE) the heat level can vary from nothing to a good substitue to a small nuke bomb. Ben, you have competition. After noticing that I was out of salsa, I went into my fridge…found a jar of salsa that I’d bought a month ago to compare taste and such. And I realized, after opening that jar, that store-bought salsa is slightly sweet! And this was the “Hot” salsa….big red letters, ect. Meh. Mild in comparison to mine. Mild and sweet. Not a salsa. OK, it’s offical, I take offense to store bought salsa. Is not salsa….is tomato stew.


Did anyone else just feel that wave of power go through the Library? It was very….it felt good, though. I wonder what it is….I’mma gonna go look, so I’m signing off for now.

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