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June 15, 2011 2 comments

It just occurred to me that I never actually told anyone what I was going to do after my last blog post (three months ago, but I was grounded for a REALLY long time when Adrian found me sneaking Anna and Miki in for studying).

Jess took me to get my ears pierced as a birthday present. I love them! I got little green studs, and I’m looking to get some more now – guess I really am a girl after all. Harriet’s face when she noticed was a picture. She just kinda frowned and pointed at me for five minutes before she started talking. Asking me when the hell I’d got my ears pierced, and why didn’t I tell her. She got panicky when I told her Jess took me – guess she’s thankful I just came back with pierced ears, and not a tattoo.

Thanks to Jess as well, I’ve started watching Glee – I know its totally unlike me to like musical stuff, but its really addictive. I know I can’t sing (you don’t have to be quite so rude about that fact Aster) and even though she’s not biologically my mother, I seem to have inherited Harriet’s two left feet.

Speaking of Harriet, I have to get off the computer, and go help set up for the party tonight. Don’t forget ladies, show up in the third reading room tonight at seven. We’ll have our Chinese takeaway there, and then head for the baths. Wear a swimming costume…or nothing at all if you fancy. Bring a bathrobe, chopsticks and flip flops or slippers too (we will have towels there). And boys, you are forbidden tonight to be in the third reading room or the second Roman bathroom tonight – on pain of cricket bat! So speaks our leader Queen Harriet the Illustrious.

By the way – Nixie and Tashy, Harriet wants to see you at six o clock. You’re her models apparently. Any other girl who’s comfortable enough to model is also welcome. Show up in Harriet’s room at six.

…I should start charging Harriet for this PA service I’m providing.

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